Almost all famous people, with the possible exception of the Kardashians, have at least one universally recognized talent. Yet you might be surprised to know that many of today’s most popular celebrities are gifted in more ways than one. Here’s a fivesome of superstars with amazing talents you might not be aware of.

1) Bob Barker: Karate Expert

It’s all-the-way true that The Price is Right’s host emeritus was trained by Chuck Norris, apparently making it all the way to the level of black belt. Fans got a taste of Barker’s brawler skills in Happy Gilmore, and though it’s hard to imagine the nonagenarian assuming an attack stance, you just hope he’d preface pummeling any interested contestants by yelling, “Come on down!!”

Watch Bob Karate Chop Craig Ferguson’s Desk!


2) Angelina Jolie: Knife Thrower


Mrs. Pitt learned how to toss blades while training for her role as Lara Croft in the 2001 movie Tomb Raider. She’s admitted to being fascinated with knives since her childhood (once twirling a butterfly knife during a television interview with Conan O’Brien), and has thrown them at husband Brad Pitt both in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and allegedly off-camera during an especially angry moment. We assume the madness only stopped after Brad yelled “Cut!”

3) Harrison Ford: Pilot

The man who’ll always be known as “Han” to fans of Star Wars actually solos his own private jet and helicopter in real life. The skilled aviator has an aircraft parked in both Santa Monica, CA, and Jackson, WY, where he has occasionally lifted lost/disoriented mountain hikers to safety at the request of local search and rescue teams. Apparently you get those kinda calls when everyone’s seen you fly through an asteroid field in the Millennium Falcon.



4) Heidi Klum: Artist


Haute couture isn’t all Heidi Klum can make look amazing. The supermodel and Project Runway star is also a legitimate painter, with works that have appeared in various art magazines and dedicated a sculpture of a dog covered with painted butterflies to September 11 rescue dogs. No word on if she’s ever considered trying the same idea with rose-covered Seal.


5) Bruce Willis: Harmonicist

Even if the world finally tires of hearing Bruce Willis say “Yippee-Ki-Yay,” he’s got something else for our ears: serious talent as a harmonica player. He’s brought the tiny instrument along and entertained both Letterman and SNL’s crowd, and has even gigged live with Billy Preston and B.B. King on a song called “Sinner’s Prayer,” which you’d be forgiven for thinking its lyrics included a plea for a third Expendables movie.