It’s without debate that “The Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin is one of the most inspirational, entertaining, and flat out coolest people to ever walk this planet of ours. Steve Irwin was one of the coolest, most entertaining, death defying, steadfast dudes this world has ever seen. He made a living crawling into pits loitered with poisonous snakes, tackling crocodiles, wrangling enormous pythons, handling venomous spiders, all while wearing a contagious smile, screaming “Crikey”! And he LOVED every minute of it.

Hailing from the ruthless continent of Australia, Steve Irwin was born to two wildlife conservationists. His father was a wildlife expert studying reptiles and his mother a wildlife rehabilitator. Together, his parents founded a Reptile and Fauna Park in Queensland, Australia where Steve spent his younger days providing a helping hand by feeding the animals, and any other day-to-day maintenance chores he could support. Steve grew up loving wildlife, especially reptiles. He was given a 12-foot python for his sixth birthday and that same year he caught his first venomous snake (Eastern Brown snake). By the age of nine, he was helping his dad catch smaller, problematic crocodiles by pouncing on them and wrestling them back to the dinghy. He was fearless, untamed just like the predators he was catching. Maybe even more. As a volunteer for the Queensland’s East Coast Crocodile Management Program, Steve captured over 100 crocodiles and eventually, he took over his family’s park renaming it “Australia Zoo.”

In 1991, Irwin met Terri Raines, an American who shared many of the same passions as he did. She described it “love at first sight” and 4 months later, they were engaged. They were married a year later and the outlandishly awesome couple spent their honeymoon trapping crocs and filming the first episode of The Crocodile Hunter. The show brought Irwin’s incredible, breathtaking adventures to our TV sets for all to enjoy. In one episode, the dude captured the ten deadliest snakes in the world in one of the most shocking, ballsy acts ever caught on camera. He would reach his hands in a small crevice and while pulling out a lethal, hissing serpent, would educate us on how a single drop of its venom could kill you in a matter of minutes. The Crocodile Hunter was a hit in over 130 countries; entertaining over 500 million viewers worldwide and we are all certainly better people as a result of its existence.
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