By their very nature, extreme sports athletes are the bomb. The death-defying courage and skill exhibited by these athletes is arguably unmatched across the sporting world. While every event is packed with action, some are so jaw-dropping and dope, they’re straight up unforgettable. Join us for a trip down memory lane as we look at six athletes’ contribution to the history of extreme sports.


1) Felix Baumgartner’s World Record Skydive

There’s a reason he’s been called “the Neil Armstrong of skydiving.” In October 2012, the Austrian daredevil set the world record for skydiving with a supersonic dive from an altitude of over 24 miles above New Mexico. As if that weren’t badass enough, he also became the first person to shatter the sound barrier without the aid of a jet or space shuttle. Baumgartner’s skydive was so legit, he drew YouTube’s biggest livestream audience for to date–more than eight million people raced to watch him speed through the air at 833.9 mph. Now that’s what’s up.


2. Tyler Bradt’s World Record Kayak Drop

Some athletes require a lot of equipment and time to leave their mark on the world. If you’re Tyler Bradt, all you need is water, a kayak, and 3.7 seconds to set a world record. In April 2009, the extreme kayaker navigated Palouse Falls’ rushing water (just 2,000 cubic feet per second, no biggie) and successfully dropped 18 stories. Bradt not only broke the previous world record set just a month prior, but he did it at a location that’s a full 17 feet taller than world-famous Niagara Falls.
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