Most people probably wouldn’t peg the singing, dancing, songwriting and body-shaking Shakira as 37 years old. If you’ve ever watched her perform–and who hasn’t–you know she is not someone that seems to have the same physical limitations and parameters as everyone else. Then again, when you’re one of the biggest international celebrities of all time, there are all sorts of limitations that don’t seem to affect you.


Born and raised in Colombia, Shakira is her native country’s highest selling recording artist of all time. She is currently making yet another run at having a top international song with the remix release of “La La La,” just in time for the 2014 World Cup. With it’s thumping percussion and crowd-ready chanting chorus, the song seems tailored for the worldwide audience watching the matches, whether they’re in Brazil or back home and in need of pulsating rhythms to keep team spirit and momentum high. The video features quick cameos of various international soccer players, including her partner Gerard Pique.

As a true global star, Shakira has proven that she does it like no one else. She’s been releasing albums since she was 13 years old, with a musical style that’s somewhere between everything, with undeniable influences that include Latin, Arabic, rock and pop, all mixed together. Mammoth hits like “Whenever, Wherever,” and “Hips Don’t Lie” are among the biggest songs ever released by anybody.
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Neither do record sales. With 10 albums released and an estimated 50 million albums sold, 10 Latin and American Grammy awards, the eighth-most watched video in the history of YouTube (“Waka Waka”–a 2010 World Cup song), and the most liked Facebook page in the world (other than Facebook’s own), no one can say that she hasn’t made an impact. Of course big business has come calling, and she’s taken endorsement deals with Crest, T-Mobile, Freixenet and others, and has even started her own line of fragrances for women.
When spare time appears, Shakira is probably either raising her toddler son Milan or contributing finances and time to her many charitable interests, or both, as she’s been known to take Milan around the world as she does her good deeds. She opened a school in her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia, has worked with the Clinton Global Initiative on disaster relief and the Obama Administration on Hispanic education, and was even invited to speak at Oxford University.

Hips don’t lie, and neither do hits or humanitarian efforts. Shakira is The Bomb, and looks certain to continue being The Bomb, whenever, wherever.




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