Meet the Programming Wizard

Programming is a phenomenon that a lot of people tend to discuss, talk about being a necessary skill, when in fact very few actually conquer the understanding and learning of any programming language. Many who’ve ventured down the road of learning a programming language often turn back to composite applications like WordPress, Blogger, or others that simplify the development process. It’s no surprise, that programming can give college students nightmares. Computer science in general is considered to be a rather difficult field of study. Most people would describe it as a science filled with complications. And that’s putting it lightly. However, in an age where most 14 year olds struggle to get through middle school, fourteen-year-old Santiago Gonzales from Littleton Colorado is already in college and on track to graduate by 17 years young. Not to mention, he is also fluent in over a dozen programming languages. This 14 year old boy called Santiago Gonzales, from Littleton Colorado, who dreams about programming is quite the wiz kid. In fact, he is a prodigious programmer who dreams in code. His story is one that will fascinate you and instil a renewed sense of appreciation for the power of the human brain.


A College Student at 14

Calling Santiago Gonzalez a genius does not do justice to his unearthly intelligence, creativity and his impeccable skills in programming. There are many 14 year olds around the world who love to study computer science and engage in programming. As a matter of fact, a lot of these kids can probably outsmart college students who are majoring in computer science. However, Santiago Gonzalez does not fall in the same league as the other brilliant 14 year old programmers. Santiago is in a world of his own. He is not just the kid who spends time programming instead of playing a video game. He is the prodigious programmer who is now studying in college at the tender age of 14.


A Job at Apple Awaits

Are you having a difficult time believing that a 14-year-old child is in college? Well, it’s time for you to take a surreal dose of reality. Against all social and academic conventions, Santiago’s parents decided to put him into college at the tender age of 13. He is currently pursuing a computer science and an electrical engineering degree at the Colorado School of Mines. He is expected to graduate with a double degree by the age of 16. Santiago hopes to acquire his master’s degree by the time he is 17. However, that is not where he intends to stop his unbelievable academic journey. He hopes to obtain a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University before joining Apple as one of the youngest and smartest workers they have ever had.
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