Lynsey Dyer: Stone Cold Stunner

Like many other professional sports, skiing has traditionally been dominated by men. With smoldering good looks that are hot enough to melt the snow she skis upon, Lynsey Dyer is more than a one of the world’s most accomplished female skiers. This gorgeous American freestyle and big mountain skier is working to bring more women into the sport of skiing. She is doing this not only through her own increasingly inimitable performance and track record, but by co-founding an organization in 2008, SheJumps.org, that works to help empower females to reach their potential through challenging themselves in the outdoors.


Growing up in Sun Valley, Idaho presented Dyer with ample opportunity to develop her natural and obvious skill in ski racing. At just 16, Dyer became a Junior Olympic medalist in Downhill Skiing, but at the encouragement of her cousin AJ Cargill, a pioneering female freeskier in her own right, Dyer entered an extreme skiing competition in 2002. She won it, and then left racing and went on to take the top spot at each event she ever entered, including 2005’s overall Extreme Skiing Tour.


Since then, her talents on and off the snow have only become more apparent and well-rounded. A graphic design major, she’s designed a popular signature line of clothing and ski graphics for Rossignol and Eddie Bauer. She’s garnered sponsorships from a host of noteworthy brands, including Scott USA, Big Sky Eyewear, and Jackson Hole Resort. Dyer even shot a gorgeous two-page spread that was published in National Geographic.



She also joined the esteemed echelons of those great thinkers who present the wildly popular and inspirational TED Talks. She’s appeared in Warren Miller and Teton Gravity Research films, and most recently, has launched her own Kickstarter project, “Pretty Faces, The Story of a Skiergirl.” According to her Kickstarter introduction, she was motivated to create the film because she consistently sees women get overlooked in the sport of skiing, in spite of ever-increasing female interest in it. Dyer’s film aims to celebrate women’s achievement in the mountains while inspiring girls to believe in their dreams.

Dyer is also active in her community, working with child mentoring programs as a coach and role model. She has also worked with the homeless teen outreach program Mural Painting for kids in low-income areas. A literal force of nature, Dyer is an inspirational example of someone who commits herself to athletics, artistic endeavors, and non-profit work. If the past 31 years are any indication, her potential and promise will continue to advance and grow like a snowball rolling downhill.