At just 21 years old, supermodel Kate Upton has already become one of the most famous faces in the world. The fun loving, tantalizing blonde has been blazing a path of Hollywood greatness for the past three years with no signs of slowing down. Unlike many other runway models, Upton has (thankfully) arrived on the scene as a highly touted and self-created Internet phenomenon.


With a growing list of magazine appearances, including many noteworthy covers (Vogue, GQ, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, French Elle, Cosmopolitan), several significant brand collaborations, and several movie and television appearances, Upton’s career seems to be just beginning. With curves for days and a bubbly, approachable personality, Upton has managed to redefine what it means to be a model in just a few short years. Thanks to this game-changing blonde bombshell, (almost) gone are the days of the stick-thin models, devoid of personality and curves.


 Kate Upton was born June 10, 1992. Although born in Michigan, she was raised in Melbourne, Florida, and considers it her hometown. As a child, Upton was a skilled equestrian, winning several World Championships, among several other titles. Before the age of 17, Kate had already won five American Paint Horse Association World Championships.
Upton signed her first modeling contract in 2008, at the age of 15, with Elite Model Management following a casting call in Miami. Two years later in a valiant effort to take her career into her own hands,
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Kate picked up the phone to cold call the front desk at IMG-and with just enough smooth talking and sheer determination, Kate Upton eventually landed herself a meeting with the agency’s Senior Vice President, Ivan Bart. Despite his doubts concerning Upton’s fashion know-how, Ivan Bart signed Kate to the IMG model agency, and Kate packed her bags to move to NYC.
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