So what’s J-Law up to these days?


Now that X-Men: Days of Future Past has been released and made more than $600 million, the Mystique actress has kept busy being smoking hot as usual, being the fantasy bestie of women everywhere, and being the normal subject of countless rumors, innuendo and chitter-chatter.
Is she preggers? Probably not, says the media, but there was plenty speculation that there was a little Lawrence coming soon to a delivery room near you. Did she almost fall at the Oscars for a second year in a row? Yes! But just on the red carpet this time. Relax! How long did it take makeup artists on the set of X-Men to get all that beautiful blue paint all over her body? Seven hours. Pardon us while we faint just from the thought-dream of being a 20th Century Fox production assistant that day.

What about Jen’s digital self? Well, word on the internets is that she’s got a new email address, and the word “butt” is included in it. “Royals” singer Lorde tweeted a mini-transcript of an alleged conversation with someone named “Win” (our best guess is she was referring to the Arcade Fire frontman), in which she shared the possible posterior shout-out included in J-Law’s electronic post office box. No telling whether or not it’s true, or what other words are placed around it (“perfect”, we assume). One thing’s certain: at this very moment, mad nerdy dudes from all around the web are trying their hardest to hack that.


Is she engaged? Thank God–no! Talk of fellow X-Men cast member Nicholas Hoult putting a ring on it are apparently false, although the grapevine’s growing with speculation that they reconnected after a brief breakup during the mutant movie’s filming. Surely there are some great potential jokes we could make about Hoult being a “Beast” or wanting to trade Warm Bodies with Jennifer, but we’re too classy to get all jealous and immature About a Boy like him.

In other words, Jennifer Lawrence is still The Enjoy the photos and stay tuned to read more J-Law updates as soon as they hit the press.


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