Jennifer Lawrence has had a pretty wild past couple of years. From blockbuster hits to her illicit cell phone pictures being stolen and revealed to the entire world in 2014, JLaw has been on a roller coaster but has continued to remain steadfast in her pursuance of Hollywood success. Controversy aside, she’s bringing home the bread – in fact, Forbes has ranked her the highest paid actress in the world bringing in a whopping $52 million per film.


Best known for her powerful roles in The Hunger Games trilogy in addition to her 2013 role in American Hustle; The 24 year old actress and internet sensation has come a long way since her first major role on the Bill Engvall show. Born in Louisville Kentucky in 1990, JLaw enjoyed softball, cheerleading, modeling and awesomely enough Field Hockey! However, after getting bored with her wicked good athleticism she decided to head to NYC to set up a few auditions with a few modeling agencies. It was not long before her talents were noticed by an agent who later connected her with the then-hit MTV series, “My Super Sweet 16” and some other commercial appearances in which inevitably paved the way for her to pursue her acting career.


Now 23 years old, JLaw’s migration from the BlueGrass region of Kentucky to the Big Apple has now secured her an Academy Award, three Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Award, Four Critic’s Choice Movie Awards, an Independent Spirit Award, a Venice Film Festival Award, Palm Springs International Film festival Award, Saturn Award, a Satellite Award, and was even named Associated Press’ Entertainer of the Year for 2013! In 2014, Jennifer racked up a slew of awards including another Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actreess for her role in Hunger Games.

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  • lawyerjcr .

    The story written on Jennifer Lawrence is notable for its glaring oversight on the actress’s Best Actress of the Year award for Silver Lining Playbook. Instead, you say she is best known for the Hunger Games??? Yes there is a drive by reference to her Academy award but really the whole comment loses all credibility with the omission.

    • tdott71

      Are you saying she is not best known for her Hunger Games role? Then to claim loss of credibility because you falsely believe she is better known for her role in silver lining, which was a good movie but definitely not as widely seen as hunger games, is just plain dumb.

      • lawyerjcr .

        Yeah “dumb” she is better known for Silver Lining . That was her star turn and she won for best actress which is the highest award an American actress can attain. And since you obviously missed my point – the piece didn’t even mention Silver Linings. That was the point bro.. To miss that was just plain dumb.

        • Jim Brashear

          Negative. Her most famous role was Hunger Games as evidenced by the box office record ticket sales. Yes she won an award for Silver Lining, that does not equate to gained more fame from that role. Johnny Depp has never for instance won an Academy Award, but even if he were to win one now that would not equate to being the reason he is famous.

        • Jimbo

          I’ve never seen the Hunger Games and don’t intend to watch. Saw the trailers and thought it looked idiotic. I did see SLP and enjoyed it very much. As for the Oscar, I think it is a virtual insult. The Oscars are nothing more than a popularity contest, for who is currently the best at lobbying the other twits in Hollyweird.

        • calboy147

          You apparently have no grasp of the English language. The writer said she is “known” for her role in HG; not that it was her best role.

    • calboy147

      You are an arrogant self indulgent wanna be movie critic; but you cannot comprehend the difference between winning an award and be well known.
      In the scale of box office winners; (which is where stars become known) Hunger Games makes Winters Bone, and Silver Lining Playbook seem like independent short films.

  • Ryan

    She IS best ‘known’ for the Hunger Games. Yes, she won the award for a different movie, but the word ‘known’ indicates the reason the general public is familiar with the person. That movie is ‘Hunger Games’. Quit being a pedantic asshole.

    • NoneBuriedDeeper

      I have to agree with Lawyerjcr. I don’t know her from Hunger games. I know here from Silver Lining Playbook and all the press she received from he Academy Award nomination and win. I didn’t check out her teen movie until afterwards. Hunger Games while popular was a boring movie that never lived up to its potential.

      • JeromeWeeks

        And no one seems to have seen ‘Winter’s Bone’ – a chilling film about an impoverished backwoods girl whose father has disappeared because of his meth connections. She tries to hold the family together and defy the all-powerful local gang/clan of relatives. Lawrence is awesome in it and it’s unlike anything else she’s done.

        • MarcusB

          Please understand the difference between ‘known’ and ‘best’. That should put this entire debate into perspective.

        • Robert Wagers

          I saw it when it came out and wondered who that great young actress was. I guess I found out!

        • calboy147

          I saw it; kinda enjoyed it. But since you and i are one of the 22 people around the world who saw it, she
          ain’t known for that”.

      • calboy147

        Doesn’t really matter that YOU do not know her from hunger games; or that YOU do not like that particular movie. Jennifer Lawrence was known for her work in Hunger Games. Now she is as well known for her self deprecating attitude and likeable behavior towards others as much as her movie roles.

    • Chaz

      I found her in an independent called “The Poker House” which could have qualified for an award, and then “Winter’s Bone”. It was easy to see how good she was.

    • Greg Giggie

      for me it’s still the 2 TV shows I’ve seen her in, both of which I don’t like, Medium & Bill Engvall show, I honestly don’t know why those shows were on to even seen her in them

  • Martin Vesole

    I loved the Hunger Games and her role in it. Anyone who could pull that off has my admiration. The fact she could pull off all the other roles mentioned above and below are even more to her credit. She is the real thing.

  • peppercorn_culpepper

    nice jubblies

    • grasspress

      did you mean ‘jugglies’?

      • peppercorn_culpepper

        oh yes!

    • UhHuh


  • lawrencecarson

    REAL .. an incredible state of being that most will never totally recognize it … but then many do and wish more people knew how to be just that .. REAL..

  • Michael Dorey

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  • Ed Park

    I saw Jennifer in Hunger games before I read the next two books, Catching Fire and MockingJay part 1 and 2.which are already completed with the exception of the remake of part two ending because of Phillips overdose. RIP I later saw Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and of course, she was awesome as Mystique in X-Men. My point is after seeing her in the first two parts of Hunger games, I could visualize her face and her moves as I was reading the books. Her parts have all been totally different, it will be impossible to type cast her she is so talented. She is fantastic in every role I’ve seen of her. I think Hollywood is going to Jack her up for American Hustle though, the movie can’t win every Academy Award, they just won’t do it no matter how good she is. Unless maybe the movie doesn’t win any of the other awards it’s nominated for. I’m looking forward to the rest of her career because quite frankly, I don’t see any other actress out there that can transform herself into such a diverse role like Lawrence can. She is a thing of beauty which makes her abilities to act so much more rare. I'[m going to track down “Winters Bone like someone said she was good in. I’ve never heard of that movie. Thanks!

  • Doug

    I have to say, the reason I think Jennifer is amazing is her very funny and down to earth persona in her interviews.

    • stealth

      And shes a very nice looking young woman

  • cal10pilot

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    (I can look, but I can’t touch)


      doesn’t matter where you get your appetite; just make sure you eat at home.

  • Bill Ascherfeld

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  • Mike Goff

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    • UhHuh

      Because they are real! Like they were intended.

      • rsqme1

        Of course a wonder bra doesn’t hurt either1

        • UhHuh

          A wonder bra has NEVER hurt! 😉

        • 19Robes50

          Of course you know that God invented “Wonder Bras”… High Heels too!

    • bjreg3

      Reminds me of windshield wipers……

  • The Big Kahuna

    This important??? The USA is falling apart, and this is how “Low Information Voters Spend Their Time.”

    • Les Peterson

      Who really has reliable information?

  • Michael E. Fields

    Who cares what she eats, she’s fricken Hot.

  • roger

    i wonder how long we will have to wait to see he naked in a movie

    • rsqme1

      I am hoping it will be soon! LOL

  • MineHeaD

    whoa daddy that jiggle is so sexy !

  • Joseph Mason

    I know her for the amazing work she does in every movie. This gal could play a man and be better than almost any dude.

  • Evel Tyler

    Jennifer Lawrence is the H-BOMB incarnate…I wish she was in my continuum; because unfortunately I’m fictional!

  • Joe Lozano

    She is one of the most intense actresses in a while–Right up there with Charlize Theron and Sharon Stone!!

  • Lawrence Vanburen

    hey how can i meet u

  • Lawrence Vanburen

    jennifer whats up how can we talk

  • nucjunkie

    If Lawrence can continue to hone her natural abilities for acting, she may get away with a junk food addiction like Shelly Winters did. That she is headed to the fat side is obvious, bur being a skinny fox is not necessary to sincerity.

  • Douglas Eby

    Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lawrence and many other highly talented actors are acclaimed for their intensity. An interviewer wrote: “All throughout our lunch, the part of Lawrence that never let up was a kind of intense engagement with the world or the person in front of her.”

  • stealth

    Shes hot.

  • pekingthom

    Jen’s got a notable rack going in her favor as well!

  • Keith Baker

    This is going to be the next great actress of this generation, and guys she has no problem with taking a pee in the woods instead of making us drive 79 miles to a restroom!

  • roy brown

    I love Jennifer lawrence

  • Cliff O’Donnell

    How do breasts quantify talent?

  • calboy147

    Who are these goofy writers? Or is it me? When did “flip” someone the bird/finger become “flicking”? And wasn’t she eating Cheetos? I love Doritos but i heard her say in an interview “Cheetos”.

  • Todd Somers

    Jlaw. Really? Jlaw…..that’s so two weeks ago….. times infinity. It’s Jennifer Lawrence OR is it Ms. Lawrence if your nasty….? C’mon the Insider, you can do better than this. At least I think you can. Hmmm.