His name is Shane Vanderwall. Described as a forthcoming star, Vanderwall is a true musical inspiration. While growing up in Sri Lanka and after being introduced to Bob Marley, Vanderwall became mesmerized with the sounds of reggae early on. Music was no stranger to him. He sang in his Catholic school choir as a little boy and later learned to play the organ. Music touched his heart and soul and it has taken him on a journey he will never forget.


His journey has taken him many places, while amazing many people along the way with his genuine, authentic love and inherent talent for making music.

More Than Meets The Eye



We often define street musicians as those who sing and play on the streets for cash. It was more than just a way for this talented man to make money. Vanderwall was determined to make music his life. For a long time, he lived in a train station. Down on his luck and hardly any money, he still found a reason to sing. Every day, he would entertain all of the busy travelers with his rich blend of reggae, blues, and soft rock. He depended on the generosity of his fans’ contributions for a living. Even though he was homeless and going through rough times, he smiled and continued to develop a sound that was unique. He never gave up on the hope that he would be discovered.

The guitar player, with his larger than life dreadlocks, posted a few street performances on YouTube. It wasn’t long before many people were rocking to his soothing voice. His performances were shared over and over again. His videos went viral, and he was an instant success.
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