If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of the more than 14 million people who rapidly consume Game of Thrones. In addition to attracting a cult-like following and racking up numerous awards, the show is chock full of memorable characters that viewers both love and hate. One of the most loved, fan favorite Daenerys Targaryen, is undeniably the bomb. Who else conquers kingdoms, frees slaves while riding dragons through the Croatian countryside? Here are 5 reasons why Khaleesi is the bomb dot com:


5. She has grown from a terrified girl into a fearless, powerhouse queen.

In efforts to secure power, Khaleesi (which is actually her title, not her name — her name is Daenerys Targaryen) was sold into marriage with the scariest, most ruthless man around. Though petrified, she conquered her fear of him and surprisingly enough, the two ultimately grew to truly love each other. She has carried that strength with her through every subsequent challenge she’s faced, becoming a skilled player in a game of wits against every established male ruler she has challenged. She’s now one of the most feared leaders throughout the seven kingdoms. 



4. She abolishes slavery in every city she conquers.

Enough said. By and large, Khaleesi rules with ferocity and compassion. As such, she eradicates slavery. Although that creates some complications, like the older freed slaves becoming homeless, its benefits far outweigh its detriments. Not only is it socially just, most of the freed slaves either willingly join her army or begin to transition to free life, which leads us to the next reason…


3. She has a badass army of volunteer freed slaves.

The first of these were an army called ‘The Unsullied’ who were tragically kidnapped as children, castrated, and tortured while training to fight. Khaleesi bought and then freed them, and they chose to fight for her. They have gone on to pick up more freed slaves as they’ve taken over more cities.

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2. She has not one, but three, pet dragons.

As a wedding gift, she received three dragon eggs. When her husband died, she burned herself and the eggs on his funeral pyre. In the morning, amidst the ash and rubble, she found herself and her newly-hatched dragons unscathed. And while dragons are fierce fire breathers wholly capable of killing people, these dragons love her and treat her with the affection and tenderness of a puppy. They consider her their mother, and she considers them her children. Now that they’re grown, her dragons help her kick ass and take names. Sure, they come with their own problems, like burning peasants as they fly over the countryside, but that’s a small price to pay for having such completely awesome and devoted pets.

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