There are situations in life that people don’t always walk away from, and it’s totally understandable. Right now, let’s look at five individuals who lived to tell what it’s like to keep on truckin’ against some pretty unfavorable odds and circumstances. Turn up your favorite Destiny’s Child CD–it’s time to celebrate survivors.


Jose Salvador Alvarenga

If his story doesn’t end up being false, you’ve gotta give it to JSA for being a truly lucky guy. The 37-year old survivor says he was taking his fiberglass boat out for a day’s fishing off the coast of Mexico, and ended up drifting for 13 months around the Pacific Ocean. He swam to shore at Ebon Atoll on January 30. He was found naked, with a knife in his hand and yelling in Spanish, on the island Ebon Atoll by two locals. He made it back to his home in El Salvador in February, and says that he avoided scurvy and everything else bad that could have happened by drinking rainwater and eating birds, turtles, sharks, and raw fish. Dang–survivors always know where to find the best sushi!



Marine Corporal William Kyle Carpenter

It’s always awesome when someone receives a Medal of Honor from the President of the United States of America. In the most recent case, Corporal Carpenter became the eighth living recipient of the Medal for shielding a fellow Marine from a grenade, taking the majority of the blast himself and saving Lance Corporal Nicholas Eufrazio’s life.

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Though he lost his right eye, took shrapnel wounds to his head and had his arm shattered in over 30 places, he is now medically retired, enrolled at University of South Carolina full-time, and finished his first marathon in 2013.
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