Though her long-running appearance as a cast member for a hit ABC television program might suggest it, Eva Longoria is nothing near desperate and is no man’s housewife. This dazzling Mexican-American actress is just mind-bogglingly beautiful, and loaded with personality, flair and fabulousness.


What is the petite beauty up to these days? Now that Desperate Housewives is over, she’s serving as executive producer of Devious Maids, a series that follows Latina housekeepers working in Beverly Hills. The show had a successful first season and was renewed for a second round of 13 episodes on Lifetime, which began airing in April.

She also recently wrapped production of Frontera, a film hitting theaters this fall, which also stars Ed Harris and Michael Pena, and deals with human trafficking and immigration issues around the Mexico-U.S. border. While acting brings in the bread and butter, if you were to ask you’d likely hear her say that her most important work is done through her Eva Longoria Foundation, which “helps Latinas build better futures for themselves and their families through education and entrepreneurship.”

With stated goals of exposing young Latin American women to career training, mentorship, capital and opportunity, the foundation includes parent engagement programs, research studies on the effects of such things as extracurricular activities and intense math instruction will have on the potential of national education efforts. The just-under-40 celebrity was recently honored with an award at Italy’s Taormina Film Festival for humanitarian duties she’s taken upon herself, which includes giving away over a million dollars in micro-loans to female entrepreneurs in Texas.

But what about her love life? Well, since their public breakup a few years ago, you probably won’t see her around San Antonio with Tony Parker celebrating the Spurs’ victory (good game, but bad move, Tony…). Just don’t assume she’s settling for a companionship downgrade–that’s not even an option when you’re at Eva Longoria levels of hotness. At press time, she’s dating Jose Antonio Baston, president of Televisa, Latin America’s largest mass media company. We can assume he’s rich.

The bottom line is, when you’re as much of TheBomb.com as Eva Longoria, with millions of dollars in the bank, a great education, serious acting chops, fashionable style that keeps you on the cover of major magazines and a giving heart, you’ll always have fans around the world, and you won’t ever be lonely for too many long(oria) eves.


  • Raul Roy Davila

    She is totally a Girl from Corpitos (Corpus Christi Texas) she has such Beauty , Talent , Passion and Desire to push forward in Life. She is Giving Back and believe me she is just at the tip of the ice berg in what she will accomplish – Bless her and all her Loved Ones in Jesus Name

  • olegunny

    100 hrs of photoshop work.

    • Terry Lind

      Also some very old pictures

  • Russ_Y

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    • runnerin1

      You truly have issues. You look at that and think of political leanings? Good, more for me.

      • Erik

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        • batman

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          • Phenoy

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          • Erik

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          • Phenoy

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            No WMDs there, Erik. Only the “Independent Fictitious Review” thinks those left over, degraded canisters are WMD.

          • Kilkee

            Erik: Try again. Pelosi didn’t say she didn’t know what was in the bill. Go look it up. She said “WE have to pass the bill so YOU can see what’s in it without all the [disinformation being thrown around].” Pronouns matter, my friend.

          • Erik

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          • Kilkee

            LOL. Ten days ago (see above) Erik says: “Why do liberals resort to name calling? Because they can’t hold an intelligent conversation.” Confronted with the fact that he’s lying about what Pelosi said (or has such a poor grasp of English that he doesn’t understand the difference) his response is to call me a “fool.” And I’ll bet he doesn’t even get the irony of it.

          • Erik

            Hey, it’s all good. We are just a “community” with a border running through it.

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          • Clay Ramsey

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          • Clay Ramsey

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