A Lesson About Celebrating Life – Duncan Lou Who

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. – Winston S. Churchill


Once upon a time, not very long ago, two brothers woke up one Christmas morning to open up their presents. As he was unwrapping his presents, the older brother seemed more and more dissatisfied at what he had gotten, even though he had received a lot of beautiful gifts. The model train wasn’t his favorite color, the sweets weren’t the right flavor, and the action figure hero wasn’t the one he loved the most and so on. Angrily, he looked at his younger brother who was jumping in excitement at his only present … a box of horse droppings.

“What are you so excited about? You only got horse droppings!”

“Yeah, but this means that my pony is close by! I just have to go out and look for him!”

Besides being funny, this story teaches us one important lesson: there is no real sadness in life, it is only a matter of perception. And this is exactly what we want to share with you. The story of a wonderful being who, despite all the challenges life has thrown at him, still knows how to celebrate each moment he has on this Earth.


Duncan Lou Who – A Fighter For His Right To Happiness

His name is Duncan Lou Who, and he is a two-legged boxer that manages to surprise us every day with his optimism, love of life and happiness. Because of a birth defect, Duncan lost both his back legs at an early age. His owners were given two choices: to euthanize him or to go ahead with the surgery and hope that Duncan will learn to manage on two legs. Obviously, the owners chose to let Duncan fight for his life. And he did not only manage beautifully, but he even refused the wheelchair, preferring the harder but, in the end, the more satisfying option of making lemonade with the lemons life had thrown at him.

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We can only imagine what this beautiful dog has had to go through to learn what other dogs learn naturally and with no effort whatsoever. From learning how to maintain his balance on two legs only, to running and playing, Duncan has had to do things his own way, the only way he could. His owner, Amanda Giese, says that Duncan has refused the wheelchair from the beginning, preferring to go the extra mile and discover how to live a normal, happy life with his disability.
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