Growing up, we all had that one, badass superhero we aspired to be. Everyone has their favorite superhero. But not many can argue with the legend of Bruce Lee. Though only appearing in a handful of television shows and movies, Bruce Lee was one of, if not the greatest martial artists of all time. Four decades after his death in 1973, Bruce Lee’s skills still remain unmatched, especially his supernatural handling of the nunchucks. That was until six-year old Bruce Lee superfan from Japan came along. This child prodigy has been memorizing Bruce Lee’s every-move since as long as he can remember and has many believing he could be the next Bruce Lee.


This Child Prodigy Is a True Ninja Warrior

Clad in a replica of the famous yellow jumpsuit that Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death, this amazing six-year-old showcases his incredible skills in the video below. With the television in his rear view, Ryusei accurately mimics all of Bruce Lee’s movements, right down to the hand gestures and chilling yells. He’s half-child, half-ninja and he has many believing his hidden talents and dedication might morph into the next great martial artist, or perhaps even a reincarnation of the phenomenal Bruce Lee himself.



Cowabunga, Dude!

You can’t have a ninja without nunchaku aka ‘nunchucks’. You just can’t. It just doesn’t make sense. If you grew up in the 80’s and you made it through without giving yourself a black eye with nun chucks, give yourself a pat on the back. Between his holiness of Bruce Lee and the incredible Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, nunchucks became the short-lived weapon of choice for many kids growing up in the 80’s. But for ninja prodigy Ryusei, it was different. He nearly mastered his nunchuck skills by the time he was five years old!

You Won’t Believe How He Learned His Skills

While it takes some martial artists many months, possibly even years, to hone their nunchaku skills at the hands of a sensei, this little master is self-taught. After spending countless hours rewatching Bruce Lee films, this mind-blowing karate expert can perfectly replicate every last one of Bruce Lee’s moves in a matter of days. He had no prior training, no knowledge of the art, just love for his favorite actor and a set of reflexes that rivals those of any age level.
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