She might not be a name you’ve heard of just yet, but when you do she’s definitely not one you’ll easily forget. Christmas Abbott is a tough, tattooed and tantalizing woman who could break your jaw with a punch or your heart with her beauty. Her CrossFit athlete profile has her listed at 5’3’’, 115 lbs. But don’t let her petite physique and pretty smile fool you- this pocket-sized superwoman can deadlift 255 lbs., squat over 225 and have you and I screaming for mercy in milliseconds.


1. She Worked As a Civilian Contractor In Iraq

When Operation Iraqi Freedom begun, she decided to head overseas to join her mother (she is from a lineage of bad asses), who was working as a civilian contractor in Iraq. While in Iraq, she was introduced to CrossFit by a United States soldier. CrossFit – a virally scary strength and conditioning program used by elite athletes, police, and military personnel. This introduction would later have an immense impact on Abbott, changing her life forever.


“It’s seeing these smaller steps leading to these huge monumental life changes.”

2. She Is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and Small Business Owner

After spending four years in Iraq, Abbott returned to the states humbled by her experience abroad. She took a newfound appreciation for her life and combined with her inherently competitive nature, Christmas Abbott was reborn.
She drastically altered her lifestyle, focusing on food and nutrition and her passion for CrossFit. She now owns operates and is the head trainer for CrossFitInvoke in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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  • David Deal

    This girl is tough