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Sara Blakely, Speaker, Entrepreneur, CEO And Founder of Spanx

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Behind the powerhouse brand SPANX, sits entrepreneur, CEO and private company owner Sara Blakely. At only 43 years old, Blakely is the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world and the youngest woman to mak...

Highest Paid Athlete Anna Kournikova’s Endorsment Dollars

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Anna Kournikova, One In A Million   This blonde stunner and professional tennis player is well known around the world, not only for her tennis skills but also for her financial and investing skills as well as...

Kevin Richardson, AKA “The Lion Whisperer” Plays Soccer With Lions

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Kevin Richardson is a zookeeper from South Africa that has been dispelling myths about big cats and other native African animals since his teens. He has been accepted as a member of several prides of lions and clans o...

Angelina Jolie, Actress, Film Director, Screenwriter, Author, Activist

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If you haven't run across this Hollywood goddess, you're missing out. Oscar award winning Actress Angelina Jolie is most renown for her awe-inspiring roles in films like "Gia" and in her portrayal of video game he...

California Man Is Fighting LA To Build Tiny Houses For The Homeless

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There are many unsung heroes that never get the recognition they deserve. They save lives, give back to others, and make this world a better place. Such is the case with Elvis Summers. He’s just an average California ...

Beyoncé is the Bomb

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What is a Beyoncé? This is a question many folks have probably wanted to ask Tina and Matthew Knowles ever since the Destiny’s Child days. We won’t get into what a Solange is, either (duh--a Solange is a deadly, un...

Steve Irwin, “The Crocodile Hunter”

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It's without debate that "The Crocodile Hunter", Steve Irwin is one of the most inspirational, entertaining, and flat out coolest people to ever walk this planet of ours. Steve Irwin was one of the coolest, most e...

Anthony “Joe the Barber” Cymerys– Philanthropist Barber gives homeless, “Haircuts for Hugs”

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You want to meet a true American Hero? He doesn't fly. Can't deflect bullets. No capes involved. He can't leap tall buildings in one bound. Half the city goes on with their lives, ignoring him. But the homeless, they ...

Dean Karnazes: Superhuman, Ultramarathon Runner, Author, Philanthropist

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  Dean Karnazes, The Man Who Ran 135 Miles Across Death Valley In 2005, Dean Karnazes ran 350 miles in 80 hours and 44 minutes foregoing sleep for 3 days! Karnazes' passion for running began as a kindergar...

5 of The Most Prolific Leaders in American History

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4. Ben Franklin Having the title “Founding Father” is enough to make anybody retire with a feeling of great accomplishment, but Big Ben did much more than just help make America and provide inspiration a classic Pu...

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