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Beyoncé is the Bomb

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What is a Beyoncé? This is a question many folks have probably wanted to ask Tina and Matthew Knowles ever since the Destiny’s Child days. We won’t get into what a Solange is, either (duh--a Solange is a deadly, un...

Could This Mini-Ninja Be The Next Bruce Lee?

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Growing up, we all had that one, badass superhero we aspired to be. Everyone has their favorite superhero. But not many can argue with the legend of Bruce Lee. Though only appearing in a handful of television shows an...

Richard Branson, British Investor, Eccentric Entrepreneur, Founder of Virgin Group

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The Man He is a history-making, record-breaking, blonde-haired Knight Bachelor of the British Empire. He defies death on regular occasion, and conceives revolutionary entrepreneurial endeavors that make most modern m...

Eva Longoria, Actress, Restaurateur, Philanthropist

289.98K Views59 Comments

Though her long-running appearance as a cast member for a hit ABC television program might suggest it, Eva Longoria is nothing near desperate and is no man’s housewife. This dazzling Mexican-American actress is just...

Ripped Mom With Cerebral Palsy Wins Bodybuilding Championship

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There’s an old adage that says “we must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” No one knows the truth to this saying more than Alana Clark. The 51-year-old lady is a powerhouse of strength. Even with insur...

Five Reasons Why Game Of Throne’s Daenerys Targaryen Is The Bomb

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of the more than 14 million people who rapidly consume Game of Thrones. In addition to attracting a cult-like following and racking up numerous awards, the show is chock ...

See What This Police Officer Is Doing To Bring His Community Together

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Over the past several years, our news and media seem to be polluting the wire with mostly negative news stories. It’s getting pretty difficult to turn on the news and not hear about another police shooting and the sub...

Alana Blanchard, Surfer Girl, Rip Curl Designer, Bikini Model, Actress

588.19K Views4 Comments

Alana Blanchard, Surfing's FinestAlana Blanchard. Where do we start with this down-to-earth blonde beauty? Alana was born on the killer island of Kauai, Hawaii. On a mission to soak up her native surroundings, Alana g...

Five Street Artists You Should Know

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Street Art is a growing form of expression here in the states. While there are many incredible street artists all around the world, below we take a look at five of the most influential. These artists have had tremendo...

8 Year Old Boxing Prodigy Throws 100 Punches Per Minute

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The Miniature Beast Incarnate “You fight like a girl” is an expression that we use to describe people who either have very poor fighting skills or are simply not combat inclined. This expression stems from the assump...

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