There are many unsung heroes that never get the recognition they deserve. They save lives, give back to others, and make this world a better place. Such is the case with Elvis Summers. He’s just an average California man who believes that everyone deserves to have their most basic needs met. After Summers finishes working his regular job, he builds homes for the homeless. Over the past year, Elvis Summers has built and distributed 37 tiny houses to homeless across Los Angeles. However, Summer’s acts of kindness were not well received by LA’s city officials. LA began seizing these tiny houses from the homeless, citing they were illegal and against city ordinance and code. But, this would not discourage Elvis Summers from what was doing what’s right. He worked with the city and a couple of months later has LA returning the seized homes back to the homeless Summers’ had built them for.


He will never forget the day that changed everything. He learned that with some lumber, a hammer and nails, he could give the greatest gift of all to someone in need.

Elvis Summers Is Changing The Lives of The Homeless In Los Angeles

Summers had just finished a long day at work. There was a knock at his door, it was Irene McGee. She is a 60-year-old homeless woman that ravages through the rubbish in the neighborhood. She is always looking for things to sell to make money. She asked if she could have some of his recyclable waste. Summers obliged. Every week, she would come back for more. It wasn’t long before he formed a relationship with her. He found out that she was sleeping on a mound of dirt near his home.


His chance encounter with her changed his life. The more they talked, the more he discovered. She was homeless, and her husband died years ago. She wasn’t the typical homeless stereotype. She was a person who fell on hard times. Summers admitted that even he had trouble paying his bills. Meeting McGee was a real eye-opening experience for him. He knew he had to do something to help this sweet lady.

The Tiny House Movement

Summers started doing some research. Due to the increasing cost of owning a home, people all across America are downsizing and living in smaller structures. This movement has inspired many to live with the “less is more” philosophy. A tiny house is considered a home that is under 500 square feet, which would be easy for him to create. Most of them are on trailers, and they can be moved from location to location. To a person with no home, even a small dwelling is like living in a mansion.
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