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Watch Andrew Ucles AKA ‘The Wild Man’ Catch Wild Animals With His Barehands

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Who Is The Wild Man? When we think of people who catch wild animals, we think of hunters with elaborate booby traps and dangerous weapons, which can be used to outsmart the strongest beasts of nature. In other words,...

Top Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30

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Zuckerberg is finally 31, which pretty much makes him eligible for retirement benefits compared to today’s early business-building kids. Here are five folks still in their second decades of life who’re already chasing...

Three of The Most-Inspiring Moments In Olympic History

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Since the dawning of the new age of Olympians in 1896, there are have been key moments that have stunned and inspired millions to believe that the Olympics is more than just about the medal. Jesse Owen’s famous gold-m...

Teddy Roosevelt

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Some people live extraordinary lives, lives that result in their face being immortalized as a giant carving on the side of a mountain in a national park. Teddy Roosevelt was one of them. Simply put, Roosevelt ...

Team Hoyt: Father Competes With Disabled Son In Triathalons

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Team Hoyt is an inspirational story of a father, Dick Hoyt and a son, Rick, who compete together in triathlons, marathons, half marathons, across the country in an effort to help those whom are physically or mentally ...

Survivors; Five People Who Beat The Odds

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Five People Who Beat The Odds 1. Josh Sweeney Two things that are sure-fire signs that someone is tough: playing hockey and taking a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Josh Sweeney did both, but with a twist--while on pat...

Superhuman Roundup Part 1

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 Thai Ngoc- Insomniac man who has not slept in 40 years! Ever woke up grumpy from a bad night's sleep? Think about how upset you would be foregoing sleep for 40 years! Yep, you read correctly. That's exactly how long...

Steve Irwin, “The Crocodile Hunter”

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It's without debate that "The Crocodile Hunter", Steve Irwin is one of the most inspirational, entertaining, and flat out coolest people to ever walk this planet of ours. Steve Irwin was one of the coolest, most e...

Six Extreme Sports Athletes Who Changed The Game

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By their very nature, extreme sports athletes are the bomb. The death-defying courage and skill exhibited by these athletes is arguably unmatched across the sporting world. While every event is packed with action, som...

Shara Lin, Taiwanese Actress and Singer

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It's not often you meet someone whom can play three instruments. Much less, play them well. However, Shara Lin has not only conquered this feat, but this talented young woman can compose an entire song incorporating t...

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