Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 3.02.59 PMYou want to meet a true American Hero? He doesn’t fly. Can’t deflect bullets. No capes involved. He can’t leap tall buildings in one bound. Half the city goes on with their lives, ignoring him. But the homeless, they love him. They embrace him. What are the superpowers? A smile, a hug and a pair of barber clippers. Meet this hero, 82 year old, Joe the Barber.

Every Wednesday, in Bushnell Park (Hartford, CT), Anthony “Joe the Barber” Cymerys has been giving the homeless haircuts in exchange for hugs in for over 25 years. He packs nothing but some clippers, car battery and power inverter and heads out to meet lines of people waiting to get a haircut for the small fee of a hug.

Anthony “Joe the Barber” Cynerys, we salute you sir!