Wenseslao Moguel- Man Who Survived Execution from a Firing Squad!



Wenseslao Mogul’s birthday suit is really a bulletproof vest in disguise.

On March 18, 1915, Wenseslao Moguel; a prisoner of the Mexican revolution, was sentenced- without trial- to be executed by a firing squad. After being shot nine times, the executioners decided to finish him with a final shot to the cranium at point blank range. Some would scream, others would cry, and most would die. However, not Wenseslao.


He feigned death until his executioners believed him to be dead. Walking away, these dingbats would soon find out that ole’ Wenseslao was just playing possum. Wenseslao shook off ten shots, went on to live a long life and in 1937 even made an appearance on an episode of Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Alexis Goggins- 7 year old girl shot 6 times while protecting Mother!


The bond between mother and daughter is like none other. However, combine this with a side of 7 year old courage and you have a recipe for disaster for attempted murderers like Calvin Tillie. After an argument with his then 6 month girlfriend, Selietha Parker; Tillie kidnapped the mother and daughter holding them both at gunpoint. While parked at a gas station, Tillie became irate believing Parker was calling the police and began shooting at the vehicle hitting Parker. As bullets were flying into the vehicle piercing metal and hitting Parker, Alexis Goggins (Parker’s daughter) dove in front of her mother in an effort to save her life. Being the loser that he is, Tillie showed no regard for the 7 year old’s life and fired six more rounds directly into the little girl’s body. 7 year old Goggins suffered gunshot wounds to the eye, chin, left temple, cheek, right chest and arm. Miraculously, both Alexis Goggins and her mother survived, despite the severity of their injuries.  As it turns out, Tillie is not smarter than a 5th grader. He is currently behind bars and will be for the next 25-60 years.

Vesna Vulovic- Survived a terrorist attack, plane crash, and 33,000 foot fall to earth!


When it’s time for people to die, the Grim Reaper shows up. When it’s time for the Grim Reaper to die, Vesna Vulovic shows up to show him who’s boss.

Vesna Vulovic has what could be the most insane, jaw dropping, drop to your knees survival story ever. In January 1972, Vulovic was a Serbian flight attendant on board flight 367. Little did she know that this flight was the target of a sick, sadistic terrorist plot that was aimed at killing everyone aboard the plane. While flying 33,000 feet above what is now Czech Republic, an anonymous Croatian deadbeat reported a bomb aboard flight 367. Minutes later, the plane exploded into thousands of pieces killing all passengers minus the superhuman stewardess, launching Vulovic into the skies of Central Europe with no hopes of survival. Except this time, death came face to face with Vesna Vulovic and lost. Vulovic plummeted 33,000 feet (six miles) without a parachute or anything to break her fall except the frozen solid side of a mountain.

She woke up 27 days later from a coma with a fractured skull, both of her legs broken, and three crushed vertebrae which left her paralyzed from the waist down. However, Vulovic wasn’t finished fighting. After several surgeries to repair her legs, Vesna unbelievably regained all feeling and functionality of her legs and not only learned to walk again, but also fly. In 1985, Vesna Vulovic earned her spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest fall in history.

Eric Nerhus- Survived after being eaten by a Great White Shark!


The Great White Shark is the most feared predator of the ocean and arguably the most feared predator alive. We’ve all watched Shark Week and seen this creature’s ability to devour anything in its path. Just ask Eric Nerhus.

Eric Nerhus was foraging for tuna in the deep seas of Australia when all of the sudden he was attacked by a 10 foot, Great White Shark. In one bite, the shark swallowed his entire head and body instantly breaking his nose, shredding his wetsuit. With a second serving in mind, the shark took another bite piercing through Nerhus’ body leaving blood gushing from the deep gashes in his head, chest and back. In a frantic attempt to escape, Nerhus threw several haymakers with his one free (right) arm to the shark’s dome. After landing several more hammer fists, the bite of the shark gave just enough for Nerhus to deliver his knock out punch. This time he grabbed his abalone chisel (duh) and repeatedly thrust the chisel into the shark’s eyes and head until the shark had had enough and spit him out faster than a child after being force fed liver. Eric Nerhus floated to the surface victorious. The only human vs shark ass beating cooler than this was when Martin Brody shot a pressurized-filled tank that he had shoved into Jaws mouth blowing the aquatic giant into smithereens.

Roy C. Sullivan- Survived not one but 7 Lightning Strikes!


Roy C. Sullivan AKA “The Human Lightning Conductor” is the world’s most undiscovered marvel superhero, with the worse superpowers ever. Unfortunately for Sullivan, mother nature bullied him for most of his life. Which is a complete slap in the face after devoting his career to preserving one of nature’s most beautiful creations: The Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

Strike 1: In 1942, Roy found himself in a fire watch lookout tower hiding from a thunderstorm. The tower was struck eight times and ironically, fires erupted inside the tower. Sullivan fled outside only to be met with his first bout with lightning. The end result: Sullivan 1, Lightning 0.

Strike 2: 27 years later, Sullivan was cruising down the road minding his own business when lightning struck a nearby tree crashing into his open window. He was knocked unconscious and his eyebrows burned off, but he was once again victorious. Sullivan 2, Lightning 0.

Strike 3: Sullivan didn’t quite make it a year until he was struck again while standing in his front yard. This time the lightning bolt struck a power transformer and jumped to his left shoulder, searing it. Although the transformer lost its life, Sullivan prevailed once again. Sullivan 3, Lightning 0.

Strike 4: In 1972, while working as a park ranger in Shenandoah park, Sullivan was struck yet again. This time, his hair lit up in flames and he raced to the restroom just in time to extinguish the fire. Although he suffered no bodily harm, Sullivan began to think that the universe was conspiring against him. He began to live his life paranoid that “dark forces” were out to get him and would cower at the sound of thunder. Can’t blame the dude, what the hell this had to be the works of Lucifer himself. In any case, Sullivan 4, Lightning 0

Strike 5: By now, Sullivan was living his life in complete paranoia carrying a can of water with him everywhere he went. But, mother nature will always find you. While patrolling the park in August, 1973, he saw a storm cloud forming and quickly drove away. On the run for his life the storm cloud smiled at him through his rear view mirror. The storm was following him! Sullivan drove for several miles until he escaped the storm’s path. So he thought. As Sullivan got out of his vehicle, The Human lightning Conductor was struck again. Once again his hair caught on fire in addition to shaving a racing stripe down both his left and right legs. Sullivan is now pulling away from his foe, and pitching a shutout. Sullivan 5, Lightning 0.

Strike 6: In June 1976, poor Sullivan was followed by a pestering storm cloud once again only to be struck for the sixth time. Dude survived once again. Sullivan 6, Lightning 0.

Strike 7: In 1977, Sullivan was out fishing when lightning struck his head singing his air AGAIN, and this time traveled down his body burning his chest and stomach. Sullivan concluded his bout with lightning finishing the series with a dominating victory over mother nature with an undefeated 7-0 record.