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Inspiring Stories, Hidden Talents & Extraordinarily Awesome People.

WhosTheBomb.com was created to showcase the hidden talents and the incredible people of the world.

We believe in the free thinkers who are constantly pushing the limits of originality; the masters of their trade. We do not see status, ethnicity, gender or color. We see raw talent and those who provide inspiration for others to achieve unimaginable things in life.

Why do we exist? We have too much negative news in circulation today. Much of this is controlled by large, mega-media giants; experts at creating fear, uncertainty and doubt amongst us. This has transformed our perceptions, thoughts and beliefs, but cannot determine our value or render us powerless. Each and every one of us capture and bear witness to extraordinary moments, people, stories on a daily basis. Many of you are that story – and so we believe sharing this story of everyday people doing great things will lead to endless optimism, opportunity and hope for those around us. What better way to fight back all of the circulated negativity in the media today by putting the stories we consume on a daily basis back in the hands of the people.

We hope that the videos and stories we share here inspire you to discover your own hidden talents, conquer your dreams and follow your passions.

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