8. Gina Gershon

We’ve always loved Gershon’s perfect mix of toughness and seductive sexuality, and it seems the actress hasn’t lost a bit of it with age. There’s just something about her sultry edginess – maybe it’s that constant “I’m up to no good” look in her eye that has us foaming at the mouth.


7. Sofia Vergara

With killer curves and the talent to match, Vergara gets us every time. But it’s not just her voluptuous figure that has us on Team Sofia – her flirty attitude is the cherry on top of her smoldering looks. Plus, we can’t deny that we love a woman with a spicy accent.



6. Sandra Bullock

 “NO WAY.” was our initial reaction when we found out that this Hollywood veteran and all-around-smoking-hot actress just turned 49 years old. Not that it matters; Bullock has held a permanent spot in our sexy-woman-loving hearts ever since we laid eyes on her in “Speed”. This talented Oscar-winner also just recently won Spike TV’s “Decade of Hotness” award during the 2014 Guys Choice Awards, proving that we’re definitely not the only ones that have a serious thing for Sandy.




5. Salma Hayek

Age-defying, sultry looks and an hour-glass figure designed in every man’s dreams – we just can’t take our eyes off of this Latin beauty. She doesn’t make it any easier for us, given her tendency to wear very little on screen. In fact, Hayek has played a stripper in two different films, which we’re obviously very cool with.



4. Demi Moore

She first got our attention in Striptease (let’s face it, Moore’s dance scene on the yacht will forever be implanted into every male’s memory) and scared us a little in G.I. Jane. Now at 51 years old, we’re still not tired of seeing her bangin bod on our screens.



3. Jennifer Aniston

We remember when Jennifer Aniston popped straight out of our girl-next-door fantasies and onto our TV screens in the 1990s. It wasn’t long before she became our favorite “friend” and had us tuning in every single week. Since then, it seems that this A-list stunner continues to make every “sexiest female” list in existence, including ours.

Halle Berry unseen hot pic1 (3)

2. Halle Berry

With a flawless figure, serious acting chops, and one of the most iconic hair ‘dos in the biz, Halle Berry has become a regular on our “hot” list, and not in just the “over 40” category. Seriously, has anyone ever seen Halle Berry look anything less than smokin’ hot? Yeah, we didn’t think so.



1. Catherine Zeta Jones

If any Hollywood star over 40 proves that age is just a number, it’s definitely the talented Catherine Zeta Jones. Known best for her classic beauty and roles in films like “Entrapment”, “Traffic” and “Chicago”, Jones continues to dazzle us with her perfect mix of class and sass. Yep, Michael Douglas might just be the luckiest man alive.